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Ahmet Murat Akkemik,

CFO, Consultant

He was born in Istanbul in April 1970 and graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Business Administration. However, he worked part time as a sales representative of fax machines until graduation and then he moved to computer industry and rose to management in production. In 1994, he went to Russia as a financial affairs officer with Alsim-Alarko where Alsim established Alarko Alarko Group as the CFO and went to St.Petersburg where he managed financial affairs and IT operations through two projects. He was appointed to a joint project of a suspension bridge construction with the Japanese IHI (1997), where he set up the ERP infrastructure and implemented Kazakhstan branch's financial and IT operations. At the end of the project (1999), he returned to Turkey to work for Lectra a leading French company in CAD/CAM in the textile industry where he was the Manager of Financial Affairs in Turkey


Here he had writs of incurred expenses issued in order to stop double taxation with France and exemption of softwares from withholding taxes. He established a BI infrastructure to increase productivity of service operations of the company. He managed to economize expenses incurred from redundant operations and had this savings spent as the company’s contribution to employee’s pension plans as bonus. He managed to consolidate Turkish Financial System to the IFRS system in France and managed to integrate CRM system to Turkish system. With the cash management team he established, he played an important role in the achievement of Collection Performance Award (1st in Europe, 2nd in the world). After 6 years he left the company in 2005  to work at Panasonic Turkey (Tekofaks) as Group CFO.

Here, he managed 5 group companies’ products’ Importation, Custom bonded warehouse, national warehouses, financial affairs, cash management and IT teams. He introduced Panasonic Group to BI systems and created great advantages in scarce resource management. He developed projects to reduce marketing costs in regards to central discounts and post paid credit card sales. He played a significant role in Panasonic Japan’s representation takeover.

In the last quarter of 2018, he transferred to Sensormatic Group Company, which was affected by the global crisis as the Group CFO. After establishing a new financial infrastructure, he was in a lead role in projects such as the establishment of premium systems, scarce resource management with banks, implementation of Business intelligence systems, integration of CRM into ERP, corporate process creation and free trade zone operations. He lowered service costs by outsourcing the broad service network. After providing financial integrations in IFRS standards to the foreign partner for consolidation and transparency, he professionally left the group to become a consultant in order to provide consultations to companies in other industries. Presently, he continues to provide consultancy for financial infrastructure, management, Business Intelligence, ERP Integration, production efficiency, service optimization, acquisition and mergers, and sales support operations in the USA, Sweden and Turkey. In addition to his mastery of IT, SQL Databases, Pyhton, ERP Softwares(SAP R/3, LOGO, NEBIM, LINK, Qlikview, Navision (NAV), CPM, DEVA, MS-CRM), he is fluent English speaker and an intermediate Russian speaker.

Mali ve üst yönetim Raporlama danışmanı, İş Zekası

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