Management Consulting

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No one is as deaf as someone who does not want to hear!


As discussed in the Maslow Theory, people resist, criticize and and tend to avoid doing tasks when it is readily dictated onto them.  However, when the same people are involved in the decision, they advocate for it and carry the staff.. In this context, measurement, comparison and communication are extremely important. It should not be forgotten that the arrow would not go straight if it was not flat. For this reason, open communication, process creation, awareness and measurement criteria (KPI) determination will make you stronger and more valuable in management. This is the first point that the Management Consultant should make.

Süreçleri iyi incelemek, anlamak lazım
Yönetmek Sanattır ve sabır ister

Company Management and Measurement Criteria Process management

Brand Management (TURQUALITY)

Strategic Business Plan

  • If the company is growing and you believe it could grow more but cannot reach the potential,

  • If you are the best in your sector but you plan new initiatives in different industries,

  • Your profit is declining even though you have more sales,

  • You feel frustrated with the organizational system,

  • If you do not know where to start but you know what you have to do!

  • If you are getting ready to hand over the company to a younger generation and you feel the need to build a system that will guarantee progress in the future,


Akkemik Consultancy has a solution for you, so;


  • Preparation of Annual Company Activity Plan and Budget

  • Business Analysis and Process Optimization

  • Target oriented process Audits of Company Activities and Establishment of Alternative Action Plans

  • Establishment of Company Management Reflex: Increasing the Implementation Speed ​​and Efficiency of the Decisions of Management

  • Measurement criteria and system (ERP, CRM, BI) structures are planned and installed according to the location.


It should not be forgotten, no wind would help a sailing boat that does not have a destination.