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What is business intelligence?

Business Intelligence products make analyses using very large data about the past, the present or the future. In doing so, how to do an analysis is defined in the system in advance. The raw data from the relevant data sources to the Business Intelligence system is drawn, then these data are reported and transformed into information. These informations strategic and the tactical or operational tactics mentioned above are used to make fast and accurate decisions. Now, after reading this paragraph, stop for a second and think about what I mean and if you can’t think of anything go back to the beginning and read it again. Because this is what Business Intelligence is.

When you make queries in the system, you will also be able to see the relationship between your query and other subjects. This will help you to make multiway decisions.

So, what kind of companies use BI? The answer is, companies with many parameters, DBs with different sources, any kind of ERP system and operational data can all use BI. For example in retail industry, there are many sales operations. Thousands of invoices are made out in a month. To analyze such a vast data, a pre-modeled system such as BI which can analyze large datas in a short time is necessary. This way it is easier to go back and forth between the small picture and the big picture.

Target company types: Retail companies, sales network, wholesales companies, manufacturing companies, service companies, logistics sector, health sector can be given as an example. In summary, BI is needed wherever there is a need for increased productivity.

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Tip: If you are tired of chasing reports in the menus of complex ERP systems, grappling with user privileges, tired of switching between ERP and Excel, then Business Intelligence will be your cure. To more advantages, together..

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