Financial Management

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"The rules of the military are five: measurement, assessment, calculation, comparison, and victory. The ground gives rise to measurements, measurements give rise to assessments, assessments give rise to calculations, calculations give rise to comparisons, comparisons give rise to victories" 

Sun Tzu


Finansman ve mali yönetim

Evaluation of the company's existing financial resources, creation of new resources and establishing a financial system that is satisfying for financial institutions.In addition, if necessary, during the process of opening the company to foreign capital (M & A):


  • Analysis and interpretation of companies in the specified sectors and sectors,

  • Contacting potential target companies,

  • Preparation of 5-year business plans,

  • Adjustment of financial statements in accordance with International Standards and recommendations on accounting practices,

  • Establishing KPI measurement systems,

  • Valuation services,

  • General guidance, or assistance in resolving specific issues in negotiations with companies,

  • Assistance with preparation of sales and purchase agreements and other documents,

  • Guidance services for capital structure and tax consequences of  investments,

  • Management of the reporting process in regards to corporate financial models are the services provided.

Evaluation of internal resources

Scarce resource management techniques

Company Sales / Purchasing (M & A)

Bond Issues to qualified investors

Şirket satınalmaları

There are major changes happening in a company during acquisitions and mergers. Transaction types, financing and implementation models vary widely (Strategic Partner, private Equity, Mezzanine, etc.).

In order to increase their market share, companies may aim to dispose of their assets completely or partially at competitive prices or to purchase new assets. In both cases, the value and risks of the process must be analyzed in order to proceed to the future confidently. We want to be with you with the ideas and experiences that will give you strength.