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Can you drive a fast and expensive car with a covered windshield using only your rear view mirror? The fact that there is no traffic behind you doesn't mean there isn’t any traffic in front of you. How fast and faultless can you drive with end-of-the-year reports and on-the-grapevine information. In today’s world where winning is extremely hard due to competition, we have fast, special solutions designed just for you. Call us.

Nar Danışmanlık - Ahmet Murat Akkemik
Is it hard to manage professionals?


Professional department managers are usually focused on their own departments. It is not always easy to direct all teams into a single strategy in multi-departmental firms. In order to achieve this, commonalities must be created and matrix reports that can be instantly accessed must be generated. You can easily do this with our Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

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Stop talking
Start producing


Strategies that change with the pace of competition do not always move parallel to middle managers’ habit. Managers adapt only when they see things with their own eyes. Trying to persuade and resistance against the upper managers can be tiring and can keep you from achieving your goals. It may result in missed opportunities. In today’s world where every single day that is lost is paid for from investors’ pockets. Diverting the energy spent on internal conflicts to outer competition will have a rocket effect on your firm. We are ready for you with the tools and experiences to help you establish these changes.

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your power

You will not believe what we can add to your business with some technology and our own experiences. What we do is information-mining. We have the technology and experience to transform the raw material in you into a jewel.

Take the 



There are things you don't want in the company. You can feel that some things are off through your corporate experience but when you speak to your managers you see that everything is alright and you cannot convince them to do what is needed. 

The problem is not you. What is supposed to be done is to find a common ground among the managers, evening out the operations and reporting them on a measurement system(BI).


What if we tell you that we can do this in 3 months?

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Nar Danışmanlık
Nar Danışmanlık İş Zekası ve Yönetim Danışmanlığı

We have the keys...

Some Testimonials:


You have provided effective criteria in such a short time that not only the usage of our existing ERP system tripled but also we can access information instantly and can fix errors on a daily basis. We are very happy to be working with you.

Avi Menda (CEO)

Remar Tekstil



What makes Murat different is his mastery of IT systems and softwares. Besides this, his ability to think fast and his matrix approach also made him different. His ability of thinking outside the box was exceptional. During the time we worked together he had undertaken the most important role in integrating and improving our company’s infrastructure, and he has done a remarkable job. He is a professional that is fast-paced, intelligent, result-oriented and open-minded.


İsmail Uzelli (CEO)

Sensormatic A.Ş.


Murat Akkemik has good reporting techniques, good self learner and managerial insights; he is a person who is an expert in his area whom I hold in high esteem.


Anıl Havuç (GM)






You are of a rare manager type who has managed to turn the expectation and necessity of problem solving in the IT sector into a craft. Aside from connecting evaluation criteria with fast and accurate analyses and reports you can also foresee negative outcomes and scale plans accordingly. Another strength you have is, your managerial philosophy, something that I think is very important. With the value you see in deep and quality consultation and your ability in simplifying subjects to achieve a result in meetings you manage to get the most fruitful results I have ever seen

Maruf Ürdüncü

Kalem Software Development

You managed to master the processes of domestic partial transportation and shipping in a very short time and with the measurement criteria you have implemented it has been a pleasure to make analyses and generate reports. It was a pleasure to work with you


Gökhan Temellioğlu (GM)

Vizyon 3PL Logistic